Brand new Poirot short stories

I can't say that I've been much interested in Agatha Christie fan fiction in the past- I admit that I'm not even keen on Sophie Hannah's stuff- but this series of stories is different. They were written with the goal of staying as closely to the voice, plot style, and characters of Christie as possible, like "lost stories" of Christie. The theme is a bit similar to The Big Four, dealings with a crime organization called The London Syndicate. The stories are here:


  • I just read the first one - certainly not AC level, but fun.
  • Is anything AC level?  ;)
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    That is a Matter of Opinion hotwater, I have read books which I think come clise, sort of Todays Agatha Christies; Betty Rowlands, Dorothy Simpson, Rebecca Tope, Anne Granger and even to some extent Simon Brett and David Roberts but it depends if you think Agatha Christie's Writing would progress to theirs if she was writing now and as I say your opinion but those writers give me the same Satisfaction and Jmes Anderson's Alderley Trilogy.
  • Oh, I was just speaking in levity, TAJ, since everyone here is a Christie fan.

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