Greenway Editions

nefnef Derbyshire, United Kingdom
Dear all,

I am in the middle of my next collection (following first editions, Tom Adams uk, Tom Adams USA, foreign language and reading copies!!!) I want to get hold of all the greenway editions but cannot find a definitive list of all the titles and their numbers.

I currently have 6 and I think that I have worked out that there were about 30!

Can anyone help?


  • gray888gray888 Melbourne, Australia
    Hi Nef 
    i have been collecting the set and have struggled to get any info on it.
    All I can tell you is I have 32 books in my set so far.
  • Madeleine_UTAustinMadeleine_UTAustin Austin, Texas
    edited October 2017
    Are the Greenwoods Editions considered a canonical or definitive edition? I read that AC drew the fish cover herself -- do these editions represent the novels as she wished them to be viewed? 

    Sorry for all of the novice questions, I'm trying to find something other than weirdly edited American versions.

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