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So I've come up when the a few ideas for a mystery novel.Dont judge I'm only an 11 year old reading prodigy.So my first plot involves mysterious deaths happening around India seemed to have been caused by Cobras but as the murders become more frequent a dark plot is revealed.Another plot is an artifact is found in ancient Egypt carrying a curse.Many don't believe but as members of the team start dying panic sets in the world starts to believe in the curse but a unexpected clue arises leading to a more startling find.Okay last one a software billionaire is found murdered in his million dollar mansion the odd thing is the man wasn't supposed to be their in fact he was spotted in another country.Questions arise a manhunt insues but is this a case of mistaken identity or a bigger plot all together?I know these might have been bad so please voice your opinion in the comments.Ps don't worry for some of you out there I'm not planning on being a writer :)


  • Why not? I really like your ideas. Especially the first one. The second has been done - by Agatha Christie, actually, in a short story. The third one could be intriguing - I can see several possibilities: e.g. uncertainty about who was killed the millionaire or the double? Was the victom killed for himself or by mistake? If you develop these ideas, I'd like to read some more about them, and I'm sure others here would also like to.
  • Very good ideas, especially the last one! The second on has been written by Herge in Tintin: then cigars of the Pharaoh.
  • Just now a plot comes to my mind. Since Poirot is an épatant master in crime solving, then why not to make a story on him committing a crime with not even a single trace being left behind by him and yet caught out, probably, by Miss Marple. This can be this way that he is sent by the England to intrude into Germany to seek something of utmost importance for the national security and its role in WWII. With Hastings as his alibi he enters Germany all alone but with a strong motive to get what
  • he has been asked to do. It is only between him and the Royal Defense Department. Then as the events turn he gets trapped somewhere commits a crime (may be a murder or a theft or something)
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    Your ideas are very good, just because an idea has been done doesn't mean you shouldn't do it with a bit of tweaking change the location or change the location to a building there are lots of things you can do to change it, 'Strange Jest and The Missing Will are similar to a Wimsey Story and The Sittaford Mystery has similarities to Hound Of The Baskerville's and your 3rd idea is similar to an Episode of Jonathan Creek so being similar is not a problem as long as you make distinct changes and your Sleuth is someone people want to read about.
  • As a matter of fact I don't know why I could not (exactly) enjoy the climax of "And Then There were None".
    Albeit, till the end I was excited in an amazing fashion.
    But once I read the letter by Justice Wargrave, I was quite disappointed by such an abrupt ending.
    I think it could have been so that all of the ten people murdered another amongst them and lastly Vera commits suicide out of remorse for killing a child.
    One person killing all seemed absurd.
    Also the absence of Poirot in this particular novel was a disappointment.
    He should have been there to sum it all up and show us the catch.
  • In this novel some things have been very surprisingly avoided to mention or I should say have been left out.
    1) Mr. Roger was slit in his head by a cleaver sort of thing and there is no mention of how it could have been possible for Wargrave to do that and yet appear (instantly) before all without a drop of blood on his clothes. Quite impossible, indeed.
    2) The condition of the corpse of Mr. Roger must have had been immensely gruesome. There is no mention as to how his body was transferred to his room.
    3) There is not even a single trace of cleaning the site of murders, which must have been smeared with blood and, after that, swarmed up with flies.
    4) Lastly there is also no description of the staunch ghastly smell of the decomposing bodies. They all arrived on Aug 8. Marston was killed that very night and Vera committed suicide on Aug 13.
    I am really waiting for the comments.
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