The Sittaford Mystery

Hello to all fans of Agatha Christie!)  :)
I'd like to know what do you think about my guess  :)
I think a prototype of the Pixie's Cave in "The Sittaford Mystery" might be Kents Cavern (which one is situated nearby the Torquay, Dartmoor and Exceter)
    ="You're right, Miss, and there is a hiding place there, the Pixie's Cave they call it. As narrow an opening between two rocks as you could find, but it widens out inside. They say one of King Charles's men hid there once for a fortnight with a serving maid from a farm bringing him food."=
I'd like to find out something more what can be used as a proof for that hypothesis: I'd you to help me a little bit with it :smiley: 
Thank you in advance!))


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