Agatha Christie: The Lost Plays (BBC CD)

I recently purchased the BBC CD (2 CD set) which includes Butter in a Lordly Dish, Murder in the Mews, and Personal Call.  I was really excited because having read Agatha Christie novels and stories and plays since I was about 12, I was thrilled to find "new" content - that is, Agatha Christie material that was new to me.  (I have read all the novels years ago, and am currently working through reading all her available material in chronological order.)  At any rate, occasionally on the CD there is dialog that I can't make out.  This is rather annoying, especially since to my knowledge there is no available hard copy of the scripts to these radio plays.  So I was wondering if there were others who have this CD set that might help me.  
The one that has proved the most troublesome at the moment is in Butter in a Lordly Dish.  On CD #1 in track #5, at about the 1:35 mark, Luke Enderby has a bit of dialog that starts with "By Jove" - and I just can't get most of what follows, two or three short sentences, He seems to almost mutter.  I don't want to spoil anything for anybody who has yet to listen, so this might be better served in a personal email.  I'm just looking for help with the dialog.


  • danielehardendanieleharden Akron, OH USA
    Hmmm, just wondering if anybody else has purchased this CD set.  It does come with a pdf version of the script of Personal Call as well as Murder in the Mews.  Unfortunately, it does not have the script for Butter in a Lordly Dish.  To my knowledge, this is the only way at the moment to get the script for Personal Call.
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