The 2016 And Then There Were None Mystery Man Game!

GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States

(With apologies to Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley, and anybody with good taste in musical lyrics.)


Who can make a puzzle?

Write a baffling clue?

All for the enjoyment

Of some Christie fans like you?

The Mystery Man…

The Mystery Man can!

The Mystery Man can cause he

Entertains the fans

And tests their sleuthing skills!

He's back!  A new Mystery Man has struck, and an And Then There Were None Mystery Man game is starting Monday, March 7th! 


Chris Chan (GKCfan) is leading the investigation.  Here’s his announcement:



Hello everybody!


I need your help.  Those of you have been visitors on the Agatha Christie website for the last several years may be familiar with the Mystery Man game.  Four times in four years, a dastardly villain committed a series of crimes– sometimes a string of murders, sometimes multiple kidnappings.  In every case, the only way to catch the killer was to track him or her through a series of clues connected to Agatha Christie’s works.


Today I received an email from someone who claims to be the Fifth Mystery Man.  Take a look:


Hello GKCfan–

            I know that you and your friends at  were quite successful at tracking down the last four Mystery Men, but I doubt that you’ll find it as easy to track down me.  Are you aware that the props for the recent television production of And Then There Were None were placed on display recently?  I have stolen the ten little soldier boys used in the miniseries, and I have hidden links to finding them through the discussion boards on the official Agatha Christie website:

Over the next two weeks, every day from Monday through Friday (I’ll take the weekend off), I will provide a series of three clues leading you to a discussion thread on the website.  When you’ve figured out what the three clues refer to, search the discussion board, until you find how I’ve altered one of the discussion posts.  You’ll find the stolen soldier boy, some information about And Then There Were None, and a clue to my identity.  Find all ten soldier boys, and you’ll be able to figure out who I am.

Here’s a hint: I’m a thief– but not a murderer– from one of Agatha Christie’s mysteries.  That’s all the help you’ll get for now.  Catch me if you can!


Very sincerely yours,

The Fifth Mystery Man



Fellow Agatha Christie fans, we have to recover the stolen soldier boys and catch the Mystery Man (or Mystery Woman– it could be either)!  Over the next two weeks, the new Mystery Man will send me some clues to the location of the stolen statuette, and each day I’ll post the clues so you can join me in the search.  There’s a special discussion forum to discuss the game, and please feel free to discuss the clues and introduce yourselves to each other.  However, please DO NOT provide spoilers!  If you figure out what the clues mean, do NOT post the answer.  However, if you find a soldier boy, and someone else on the discussion board is having trouble, feel free to provide an oblique clue– nothing too obvious, but a friendly nudge in the right direction is all right.  Also, please don’t add to the threads where you find the hidden soldier boys– it will move them up in the queues, making them easier to find.  But please feel free to discuss on other threads not used in the game, and add new threads of your own!


Each day for two weeks, Monday through Friday, you’ll be able to find a different soldier boy and find a clue to the Mystery Man’s identity.  When the tenth soldier boy is discovered, you’ll have all the clues you need to solve the case, and you’ll get information as to how to enter the contest!  If you’re late to the game, don’t worry– you can catch up in time– the deadline won’t be for a few days after the last clues are released.


And remember if you’re studying the message boards and find a thread that interests you that isn’t involved in the game, please feel free to contribute!


Please talk about the game and the new adaptation of And Then There Were None in these forums.  And please, contribute to other discussion forums as well!


Have fun with this game!  Let’s catch the Mystery Man!


–Chris Chan (GKCfan)



  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    Oh, some of you may be wondering what the stolen soldier boys look like.  Here's a picture of them!
  • Cool! this is going to be good. I'll put off finding that extra work for a bit! 
  • I'm very excited!Let's go find them!
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