GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
Hello everybody!

Another day, another email from the Mystery Man!  Here are the clues:

1) Our beloved detective has a cousin with a stutter!

2) That’s not a real clergyman!

3) Inspired by Brown’s? 

Figure out the clues, and look for the right discussion thread!   Remember, please don't post on that thread, but keep contributing to other threads.  Good luck!  Please, talk about Christie on the discussion boards, but no spoilers!  


  • GraybearGraybear West Sussex, U.K.
    Got it! One of my all time favourites!
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    I'm glad that you enjoyed the story (we will not mention the title, of course), Graybear!  These clues are meant to be fairly clear for people who've read the tales, but even if you haven't, you can figure it out with a little creative searching on the Internet. 
  • found it! needed google to confirm as i read the book long ago, but this one is easy :)
  • GraybearGraybear West Sussex, U.K.
    This is the first time I have been able to join in on a mystery man game (being on late shifts this week is helping!) and I'm loving it.  There are some holes in my AC knowledge but this is allowing me to fill in some of the blanks.  
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    There's going to be a mix in the clue difficulty levels.  Some days are going to be more challenging than others.
  • This is great !!!  :)

  • misstulipmisstulip Bloomfield Hills, Michigan
    edited March 2016
    This is from one of my favorites. I see a commonality in the found clues but no idea how they relate to and point to the final answer!!! Love the challenge! 
  • I know what the book is, but I can't find where to look. I'm a bit stupid and these sorts of puzzles. The picture of the soldiers from the first day is the only one I've managed to find. 
  • a clue please
  • kaberi.chakrabartykaberi.chakrabarty Illinois, United States
    So, I am pretty sure I know what story is being referred to here, but I have looked on every single thread that refers to the book, and no soldier boy. I found the other three soldiers so I can't decide if I have the story wrong or not. After having given it some thought, I think I know how to phrase this question to see if I can confirm if I have the right story or not.
    GKCfan, I believe the story in question is a short story that makes specific reference to the most famous character created by the author you are a fan of. Am I right? I searched for the story title on this website but that search produced no results, so I have searched through every thread that mentions the title of the book it comes from but still nothing. Suggestions?
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    kaberi.chakrabarty, I'm afraid that based on what you're describing, I doubt that you're on the right track.

    I'm not supposed to give too many specific hints myself, but it would be great if other players could contribute hints!  

    Remember, a little creative Googling can help a lot!
  • @kaberi.chakrabarty  @Griselda @maryamalbulushi ;
     the easiest clue i could give you is to google for brown's connection with AC's work. you'll get the name of the book easily. or another clue would be that the detective belongs to small town. hope you guys find the soldier. 

  • :smile: interacting and helping makes the game much more enjoyable 
  • @rekha.srivali  thanks dear but i already did this and ended up with two titles and searvhed for them in every single thread but no results :(
  • @maryamalbulushi hmm.. Either you've got a wrong title or the search pattern is wrong. Try using the title search option in the 2nd case &  for the story it's got a hotel setting. I don't think I can give much better hint without revealing the answer. All the best. 
  • MariaMaria Pichincha, Ecuador
    edited March 2016
    I haven't read the book, but I guess from the title that the dear detective is not at its hometown but elsewhere. I think there's only one thread for this title, but it has multiple pages.
  • i got it @rekh thank you so much for your help apparently i was thinking in a different way
  • i found it @rekha.srivalli thanks soooo much for your help ,,, apparently i was thinking in a different way
  • AgathasmykidAgathasmykid British Columbia, Canada
    Thanks @rekha.srivalli, your clues helped a lot with finding the 4th Soldier Boy. And I agree with some others who were on a different track. I think the three clues can apply quite well to another Christie novel. That is probably why I found the 4th solider boy so difficult to locate. One wish I have from finding this soldier boy is that I hope someone someday offers to pay for a vacation for me ;).
  • Dr.SheppardDr.Sheppard Oxford, UK
    A clue! There are three parts to this. Part 1 is not easy unless you know the book. Part 2 is as it says a clergyman (or two) which is very forgetful, Part 3, well, we have a Brown's restaurant in Oxford, but it used to be a hotel.
  • kaberi.chakrabartykaberi.chakrabarty Illinois, United States
    Ah, many thanks to all of you for providing me with helpful hints. It seems I had been going in the wrong direction because I had been taking the third clue for a literary character instead of the name of a place (the big difference an "'s" can make). Also, the second clue happens to apply equally well to a different story under my original theory. At any rate, I have now found the fourth soldier boy. Thanks again.
  • alanalialanali San Fernando, Trinidad and Tobago
    Found it! :D
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