I'm giving away advance copies of a novel in which Agatha is a central figure

The pitch: Detective Achille Dunot suffers from a strange form of amnesia. Since a recent accident, his brain has lost the ability to form new memories. Every morning he wakes up with no recollection of the previous day. When the chief of police asks him to investigate the disappearance of wealthy heiress Emily Brunet, Achille decides to keep a journal in which he logs his findings of the day before going to bed.
This diehard fan of Agatha Christie thus becomes the hero and the reader of a strange detective novel, of which he also happens to be the author.
Before long, all clues point to Claude Brunet, Emily’s husband. Brunet had many reasons to kill his wife, has no alibi, and not-so-subtly boasts of having committed the perfect crime. As a world-class neuroscientist, he’s also one of the very few people who can grasp Achille’s ailment.
The book was published in France and several other countries in 2010. It has just been translated to English and will come out at the end of the month. Let me know if you wish to receive an advance copy for free (ebook only), I'd love to hear what true Agatha fans think of my story!


  • antoinebelloantoinebello United States
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    Hi Max (although I suspect this is not your real name),
    This is great. I can either send you the PDF file or if you prefer to receive the regular Kindle book, I'll issue you a 3.99 gift card which will cover the price of the book.
    Let me know either way.
  • I'd love to have it, but I can't promise to read on schedule and comment - I've already disappointed one person here by not reading his book. If I may still have it, I'd love a pdf copy.  - [email protected]. And if not, I understand, and wish you success!
  • Yes you have made me curious will you please let me have an e-book version too.
    Many thanks
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