Wouldn't it be great to organize a meeting with all the fans of Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple? Would that be possible or rather impossible? 


  • What would be best, I wonder, fans just meeting for a dinner, or a full-scale event weekend or week, organised like a special excursion. You know, you get excursions to the sites connected to World War 1, or wine tasting holidays. An organised meeting might be slightly easier for all than fans finding their own accommodation, etc. I wonder if an organisation provide themed holidays for fans of other authors such as Jane Austen, and Scott Fitzgerald, etc. I ask this because looking at what happens with other authors sometimes helps one decide what could happen with Agatha Christie things.  Any formal and official event to do with Agatha Christie would have to be sanctioned by Agatha Christie Limited. It seems to me that what you suggest would be more possible if there were an organised programme and help for fans to find hotels, and meals arranged and included in a fee for the holiday. It would make travel worth while and the excursion easier if there was a plan and a few days of special activities. It would be possible to offer attractive prices. If Agatha Christie Limited were to get involved in offering such excursions, they could have at their disposal really special treats, such as special access to family members, memorabilia and experts. Perhaps I shouldn't say experts, because, sadly, I don't think there are any expert authors who research and write scholarly articles about Agatha Christie. If the event were to be held in England, Devon, and Christie's home territory could be cheaper than central London. I have felt events like this ought to be organised. They would bring tourism to Devon, and Devon County Council could do some special deals in return.

    On the other hand, are any fans owners of massive mansions, with plenty of staff, and money they can readily spare, and would they like to put up a few of us for a few days, so that we can have our own non-organised tete a tete? A meeting could be anywhere in the world. 
  • shanashana Paramaribo, Suriname
    @Griselda, I mostly liked your last sentence. @silvana, like the idea of a meeting of AC's fans, without the distinction of who is their favourite character. Keep in mind though there are fans living all over the world for whom it's a very costly trip and very difficult to attain visa to the UK.
  • Fabulous idea! Although Shana has a point that this is a world-wide club, however, we are connected in this group on the World-wide Web. This means for those who are financially or otherwise unable to be their in person, the majority of events can easily  be broadcast over the web via Google+ Hangouts, Periscope (Twitter), FaceBook Live, Live feed via YouTube to name only a few possibilities. Id say go for it! & maybe there will be a few tech-savvy attendees Who could broadcast some of the events live over the web! 
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