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I just finished playing The ABC Murders computer game. It was fun, but I liked the previous three Agatha Christie adventure games (And Then There Were None, Murder on the Orient Express, and Evil Under the Sun) better. The best part of the game for me was questioning the suspects. I liked how the game gave you many different options of what to ask each person. Sometimes, the wrong questions were obvious. Other times, I was uncertain which question I should ask and ended up asking the wrong question (I felt really bad about upsetting poor Mary Drower by asking her the wrong question!). I also liked how the game gave you trophies based on the decisions you made and how you earned Ego Points for acting like Poirot. The worst part of the game for me were the controls. This is the only computer game I have played where I had significant trouble getting the mouse to do what I wanted it to do. Some of the puzzles were super easy, but took forever to solve because the mouse would not let me move the items where I wanted/needed to move them. (For example, I knew I needed to put the solvent onto the dry cloth and so I picked up the solvent bottle and put it on the dry cloth repeatedly and nothing happened. Eventually, the game decided to cooperate.) The other annoying feature was that every time you clicked on a piece of paper, you manually had to spin it around before you could read it. Those are my thoughts. How did other people like the game? Did others have similar problems with the controls? If you have played the other Agatha Christie Adventure games, which one is your favorite and why?


  • tudestudes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
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    I haven't played this one yet. But I've played And Then There were none and Evil under the sun. I really enjoyed them. I think Evil under the sun is better than And then there were none. I've liked the quest and the puzzles better. And I love Evil under the sun (the story).Besides, I think And then there were none story (the game not the book) extraordinaire. I would prefer if it was more faithful to the book.
      I don't remember having any kind of trouble. Although, I'm not sure.
    I also enjoyed Death on the Nile, Peril at End House, 4.50 from Paddington, but they're different kind of games.
  • I agree with you tudes that the puzzles in Evil Under the Sun were much stronger than the puzzles in the other adventure games. As far as I remember, the game play in Evil Under the Sun made a lot more logical sense than some of the other games (especially the telegraph part in Murder on the Orient Express). I also liked how they added new characters, new motives for characters in the book who did not have motives, conversations between Poirot and Hastings, and the Finger of Suspicion riddle. 

    However, And Then There Were None was my favorite of the adventure games for the following reasons:
    • And Then There Were None is my favorite Agatha Christie novel: I love the characters and the dialogue
    • I love how the game has four different endings and gives you the opportunity to save some of the characters from dying
    • I really like the new character Naracott: his commentary throughout the game and his interactions with the other characters is always amusing
    • I do not usually remember the background music utilized in computer games, but I really liked the background music incorporated in this game
    • Even though they changed the villain, I like how they give you enough clues to figure out who the new villain is and how they give you the chance at the end of the game to find out how the novel actually ended if you solve the final puzzle
    • They did a really great job with the settings: the island looked appropriately menacing when it needed to and parts of the mansion's interior were quite beautiful
  • tudestudes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    In my case, Evil under the sun is my favorite one. Although I love ATTWN (top five). I enjoyed Naracott and the different endings. Of course, the settings are amazing and the mansion is gorgeous (but hotel in Evil under the sun is fantastic too).
    But they changed the plot too much, at least in my opinion. This was ine thing that I didn't like.
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