Are Christie Leatherette Books Edited?

I have read several of Christie's Bantam leatherette books and recently finished 'The Moving Finer' but earlier today I was in a bookstore and saw an older edition of this book.  This older edition was a paperback from the 1970s.  I opened to the first chapter and noticed that the text was different - in fact, the whole first chapter was nearly different.  I was shocked.  Are all the Bantam leatherette books edited or what?  I feel like I may have missed out by not reading earlier editions.  


  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
    I think that "The Moving Finger" is a special case– because it was published during WWII, the US edition was cut by about one-third to save paper.  So most US editions used the abridged edition until recently.  You may have come across the original edition.  
  • The abridgement of The Moving Finger was discussed in the discussion 

    "The Moving Finger or Oh Where or Where Did Miss Marple Go?"

    which appears under the heading "All the Miss Marple Stories". 

    You might want to go there to get more information. I think this is an exeptional case.
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