Philip Lombard's Gun

I just want to ask one questions that's been killing me since i read the book 'And There Were None'.
Justice Wargrave took the gun from Lombard's drawer and put it in a food can. Now who puts the gun back in Lombard's ????? Since they were together after the search. It would have been almost impossible for Wargrave to take the gun out of the can, go upstairs and put it back in the drawer unnoticed and get back in time to put on the theatrical effects of his death. Then who puts the gun back into the drawer since Lombard finds it as soon as he comes back to his room.
Who put the gun back????


  • HerculeAndAchilleHerculeAndAchille Harrogate, England
    Hey Soham,
    Since I assume you have finished reading the novel, perhaps I should put out a little spoiler to help explain. Do you remember how Dr Armstrong was an unwitting accomplice to Wargrave (Armstrong didn't know that Wargrave was the killer, and so tried to help him flush out the killer)?
    I would argue that it was Armstrong who somehow put the revolver in the drawer unnoticed (he was the last one up the stairs, remember, and could have easily slipped the revolver back in, unnoticed, since the men - Lombard and Blore - were more concerned about Miss Claythorne than the others, which we see when Blore and
    Lombard state they didn't notice where Wargrave had gotten to).
    I think that Wargrave slipped Armstrong the revolver from the food container while the two of them were behind on the stairs, and in the flurry of concern for Vera, the other two men rushed into the room, while Armstrong ran to Lombard's nearby room and slipped it in.
    If you'll notice, the first few dialogues spoken to Vera are by Lombard and Blore, and I think Lombard, with his affection and concern towards Vera, was hardly likely to wonder where the doctor was during this time, and Blore was so selfish he'd scarcely think about the other two.
    So why go through this rigmarole? I think Wargrave may have convinced Armstrong that doing so would lead to the discovery of the killer. He must have told Armstrong that if Lombard were the killer, Lombard was sure to be surprised that his revolver was gone and utter some sudden conjecture, or if the killer was Blore or Vera, he/she would cry out in surprise that the revolver was gone.

    I hope this answers your question!
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