The Body In The Library: I have a question

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I have just finished The Body In The Library and I have a question, Who is Ruth and Naomi? They are mentioned in the Denumont and I don't remember them


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    Ruth is the title character from "The book of Ruth" in the old testament. Naomi is her mother in law, and the bond between them is very strong. The story in short: Naomi,  her husband and two sons travel from Judea to Moab, where the sons marry Moabite women. All three men die from a disease, and Naomi decides to return to Judea, but encourages her daughters in law to remain in their homeland and find new husbands. Orpah decides to remain, Ruth sticks to Naomi and goes with her to Judea. However, Naomi sees to it that Ruth gets a new, kind husband.  By analogy, Jefferson's daughter-in-law sticks to him, however, far from encouraging her to remarry (as Naomi did for Ruth), he responds to her interest in other men by deciding to adopt Ruby. 

    Trivia: Ruth is the great grandmother of King David.
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    Thankyou Tali
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