Carriage Clock Given to Agatha Christie's Secretary by Christie?

swt1963swt1963 Tunbridge Wells, Uk
Hello, I'm looking to try and verify  the history and provenance of a carriage clock owned by my Father.

Briefly, my Father was a watch and clock repairer based in Eastbourne. One of his regular clients was apparently a former secretary to Agatha Christie, who, I think had retired to Eastbourne (The secretary that is) . Unfortunately I don't have a name for her, so if anyone can help with confirming who that was it would be very useful. 

Shortly before the former Secretary's  death, I think, sometime in the 1970's, she gave my Father a carriage clock as a gift, saying that it had been given to her by Christie.   Does anyone know if a gift of a clock to her secretary is mentioned in any of Christie's diaries, letters or other records?

 My father is now in a care home, and is somewhat forgetful, hence the sketchy details.

Any help much appreciated, and apologies if this is posted in the wrong discussion area, please feel free to move if appropriate. 


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