Here are the answers to the trivia game!

1) What song does Marlene Dietrich sing in the Billy Wilder movie version of WFTP?

“I May Never Go Home Anymore”


2) In a 1957 stage production of WFTP at Theatre-By-The-Sea in Mantunuck, Rhode Island, who played Sir Wilfrid and who played Romaine?

Basil Rathbone played Sir Wilfrid, Fay Emerson played Romaine


3) Who gets top billing in the opening credits of the 1982 TV movie WFTP?

Ralph Richardson


4) What late-1940's NBC radio series did a production of WFTP?

Radio City Playhouse


5) Who did the production design for the Broadway production of WFTP?

Kathryn B. Miller


6) Which member of Kim Cattrall's family was also a big fan of Agatha Christie?

Her mother


7) Which episode of Agatha Christie's Poirot did Toby Jones appear in and who did he play?

Murder on the Orient ExpressSamuel Ratchett


8) Which episode of Agatha Christie's Poirot did Monica Dolan appear in and who did she play?

After the Funeral, Miss Gilchrist


9) Which episode of Agatha Christie's Marple (with Geraldine McEwan) did David Haig appear in and who did he play?  Also, which episode of Agatha Christie's Miss Marple (with Joan Hickson) did David Haig appear in and who did he play?

McEwan: Murder is Easy, Major Hugh Norton;  Hickson: 4:50 from Paddington, Alfred Crackenthorpe


10) Who won a Golden Globe for performing in the 1957 film of WFTP?

Elsa Lanchester


11a, 11b,11c) The murder weapon that kills Emily French is different in the short story, play, and TV adaptation.  Which weapon is used in each case?

a) Crowbar (short story), b) Cosh (play), c) Candlestick (TV adaptation)


12) In the short story, in which street did Leonard Vole first meet Emily French?

Oxford Street


13) In the short story, Emily French owns at least how many cats?



14) In the short story, what is the name of the woman who gives the solicitor letters that can discredit a witness?

Mrs. Mogson


15) Who directed the 2016 TV adaptation?

Julian Jarrold


16) Billy Howle will play a character with the last name "Mayhew" in which upcoming movie?

On Chesil Beach


17) What kind of soup did Marlene Dietrich make for Billy Wilder during the filming of Witness for the Prosecution?



18) Which Agatha Christie story will screenwriter Sarah Phelps adapt for television next?

Ordeal by Innocence

And the winner is...

Piers Cardon (Dr. Sheppard)!  Well done!


  • Wow! That was quite a shock to see my name here. It was a difficult quiz, involving a lot of research, and I can see that I got a couple wrong. I'm afraid that my real interest is the actual books rather than adaptations and spin-offs. However, this has made my day and I am delighted with the result.
  • GKCfanGKCfan Wisconsin, United States
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