Dear AC Community
Could someone possibly assist me please?
I am seeking more information about Agatha's visit to Tasmania in - I think 1922, from one book I have read.

In particular I'd like to find out where she visited, and her observations/comments - anything of interest. 
If anyone can provide some insight I'd be most grateful.

I also wondered if Mathew's book, The Grand Tour contains any or much information about this visit?




  • @KimD, you don't mention which book you read - was it the autobiography? It has one sentence: "From Australia we went to Tasmania, driving from Launceston to Hobart. Incredibly beautiful Hobart, with its deep blue sea and harbour, and its flowers, trees and shrubs. I planned to come back and live there one day." After that she writes about going on from Hobart to New Zealand, so it seems like Launceston, Hobart and the route between them comprised the whole visit.
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