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In many articles about Agatha Christie mention is made of her long friendship with Nan Watts (especially in relation to the time of her disappearance in 1926).  In some articles, Nan Watts is described as either James Watts' sister or his cousin and I would like to find out which is correct. 

I know that Madge, Agatha's older sister, married James Watts of Abney Hall, Cheadle and how Agatha spent time with them at the family home as a child and adult.  I presume Nan is a nickname but I can't find reference to James having a sister and would be grateful if anyone can help confirm Nan's relationship to James and Agatha; and if anything more is known about Nan's life e.g. did she marry etc.
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  • In the Autobiography, Agatha, says that Nan Watts married twice, first to Hugo Pollock, which ended in divorce, and then to George Kon. It seems, though not certain, that she was James Watt's younger sister - After her sister's wedding wedding, Agatha talks about the young Watts, among them Nan.
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