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I note from a reconciliation of the Agatha Christie reading list that the two short stories "Three Blind Mice" and "The Theft of the Royal Ruby" were not published in the UK. Does anyone know where these may be found (note that US 'Kindle' purchases cannot be made from the UK and therefore the solution may not be as simple as purchasing the US publications in question - namely, the collections "Three Blind Mice" and "Double Sin"). Additionally, whilst the short stories "The Regatta Mystery", "Problem at Pollensa Bay" and "Greenshaw's Folly" are now published in multiple collections by Harper Collins e-books, are there any plans to restore the two aforementioned short stories to UK readers?


  • AESimonAESimon Guernsey
    edited May 2016
    After a little delving, I have seen that "The Theft of the Royal Ruby" (US) is the same as "The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding" (UK). I also note from Wikipedia that "Three Blind Mice" is [quote] "the only Christie short story not published in the UK". Sort it out, Harper Collins !!!
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