Which Novel or story

Hello everyone, I read a novel by Agatha translated to my native language in the name of "Victim", but I want to read the story again in English but I cannot find the real name of it in English, please any help :'( , the story was about a doctor called Michael Joyce (he is the narrator ) and a nice woman called Emma Wright, the doctor has made a surgery to Emma's daughter Anne Wright which was the beginning of the relationship between Michael and Emma .. there is a series of events happens but I don't wanna be a spoiler.
Characters of  the novel are:
  • Michael Joyce (neuro doctor)
  • Emma Wright
  • Anne Wright (Emma's daughter)
  • Kathryn Howard (Anne's aunt)
  • Philip Wright (Emma's husband just mentioned in the story)
Please if anyone read this before could tell me it's name.
Thanks all


  • I googled the names. I found a movie called "The Upturned Glass" in which all these characters appear, and the story is what you outlined. It is based on a story by John Monaghan. 
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