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I'm a huge AC fan for ~4 decades. I'm a 37 yr old American female living in San Diego. I'm interested in visiting England for the first time and doing a sort of 'tour of Agatha Christie' sites. This may include museums and places that are part of the plot of the many Christie novels. 

I'm having a hard time getting a cohesive itinerary together. I'm wondering if anyone has heard of something like this or knows someone that did it. I'd also love to travel w/ a companion but I can't find fans that would be interested.

Thanks in advance!
Mary Ann


  • There's a book called "Exploring Agatha Christie Country" By David Gerrard. It has lists of places that Agatha has visited or is connected to. It has photos as well and a little history  notes. Hope this helps!
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    Main sites: in London, Brown's Hotel, on Abelmare Road is where Agatha stayed, and was the inspiration for "At Bertram's Hotel".  
    Of course, going to Torquay means taking the train from Paddington Station.  I did that in 2007, and along the way I noted tracks that run parallel to ours (not sure if the companion tracks are still used); imagined that for "What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw"  (and be sure and see the statue of the Station's most famous "traveler'"). 
    And in Torquay is the list of Agatha Christie sites, including the Grand and Imperial Hotels.

    The Torquay Museum has an Agatha Christie Exhibit that you will enjoy. 
    Kent Caverns might have been a reference piece for part of "The Man In the Brown Suit". 

    And for a bit of non-Christie fun, the Hotel Gleaneagles (now a Best Western) was the place whose now-deceased former owner inspired John Cleese to do "Fawlty Towers". 

    Wednesdays in summer is when they do the boat trips to Greenway.

    I have to plan to return there, as well.  Then I can see about visiting Burgh Island, inspiration for both "Evil Under the Sun" and "And Then There Were None". 

    I will, also, look for the book titles listed. 
  • This is awesome! Thanks, HerculeJC! I've ordered the book and will plan out an itinerary.
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