just finished endless night.. do you agree??

Hey all .. As it is shown in the title I just finished endless night and am here to share my review with all Christie fans ;)

first of all .. The book is awesome!! Surely on my top ten ,very well written but for me it was less a murder mystery and more a tragedic story.honestly I regret reading it at night as I couldn't sleep feeling sorry for eally .. And this was the first ac which made me so sad .. And for Michael..oh god I hate that guy the most more than any Christie character I have ever met!! So cruel,I can clearly imagine Christie drawing his character's dark lines,I hope really no such person exist now. For a moment when I read the part of* *spoilers** Michael telling us about him and Greta I held my head and wished I didn't read this book ,also I wished that eally knew about Micheal and started playing a trick on him too by faking her death ..

second thing is ... This totally similar to a short story written by ac herself " the case of the caretaker" and also similar some how to the murder of Roger ackroyed because *spoilers* being the narrator himself the murderer

third ... I felt in this one ac used so improper phrases and words by improper I mean 18+ which I never go used to so somehow I felt uncomfortable dealing with these phrases

that's my reviews..yeah I know I wrote alot but it had to come .. Thank for your time I would like to hear your reviews

love..maryan ^_^


  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

    It is Common knowledge that it is connected to The Caretaker short story, I hate Endless Night, I found it dull and boring, If there was a Book without a Recurring Character that needed one this is it although Death Comes As The End and Passenger to Frankfurt did also but I have no Idea how that could have been achieved, It could have with Endless Night and wasn't which is as shame because It made in my view a Dull Plot even duller, I have read it once but never again.

    I think Destination Unknown and The Came To Baghdad needed recurring Characters but I get past that by assuming the women are related to Ann Beddingfield  and one of them has a Character called Richard Baker which is the Name of a News Reader and the Son of a Lady I know so I imagine one of them on the Book, which I wont read again.

  • I just read what I wrote there are some mistakes in the third part
    so= some
    go used = got used to

  • Hey @Tommy_A_Jones I read what you've posted.. I was wondering if the reason behind you finding it boring .. Is it because it is not a murder mystery?? Or because it is slow at it's stardom?
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    Probably it is slow, the Characters are boring and Pointless as is the Plot, If I were ever to read it again I would make sure I had a skewer or Bread stick with me so I could prod myself when I was drifting off as I would, I am never going to read it again so that will never happen, ITV did this book a good turn by putting Miss Marple in it but It still wasn't enough to stop me hating the Result, I am glad you liked it, but I HATED it as much as I HATED Passenger To Frankfurt, Murder In Mesopotamia Sparkling Cyanide and Death Comes As The End.
  • tudestudes Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    edited July 2015
    I don't love this book. When I first read it, I didn't like, but when I re-read it not as a mystery novel, I started enjoying it, but it's far from being my top ten.

    SPOILER: I think Michael is a interesting character.
    And, unfortunatly, I think there are a lot of Michaels in this world.
    He's a socialpath. He has no empathy for no one and he's just concerned about himself. He knows what he's doing is wrong, but he goes on to achieve what he wants. And, this makes him extremely dangerous and repulsive.

    I think this book, as for instance, Death comes as the end, is not a usual A. C. I prefer the traditional A.C., but her effort to create something a bit new from what hers readers are used to is praiseworthy.
  • Yeah I know what you mean at the first bit @tudes I read it as a story not a murder mystery and that is the reason I liked it.
  • I remember reading a Daphne Du Maurier short story about birds and thinking how unsatisfactory it was: you find out at the end that the narrator is a father swan, or other bird. The creature's powers of reflection were limited, as per SPOILER ALERT Michael in Endless Night. He is a sociopath so doesn't empathise or do joined up moral reasoning: things just make him feel out of sorts - and he is very alive to slurs to his dignity. You need a sympathetic narrator to draw you in to a story. Hats off to AC for achieving the near impossible with SPOILER ALERT Murder of Roger Ackroyd.
  • I've only read it once, as a teenager (many years ago!) and remember loving it.  Not so sure how I would feel if I re-read it, especially after reading the comments. I might just leave it in my memory as is.

    Correct me if I'm wrong but wasn't it one of Agatha's own favourites?  She also loved Ordeal by Innocence which I found lacking...
  • Yeah you're right @Lucy G Lemon it's one of her own favorites as she felt that she has attempt something different ^_^
  • Thank you for confirming for me Maryamalbulushi
    Yeah you're right @Lucy G Lemon it's one of her own favorites as she felt that she has attempt something different ^_^

  • Dr.SheppardDr.Sheppard Oxford, UK

    I read Endless Night some time ago and returned to read it again as it was on the recommended reading list for a conference at Exeter University titled: Agatha Christie: Hidden Horizons.

    It is impossible to say much about the story without giving away vital secrets, but for much of the story we are led to believe that the relationship between the young couple is that of sheer unadulterated romance, but the reader is mistaken, for the horrific suspense at the end of the story is perhaps the most devastating that Christie has ever brought off. Six pages from the end of the book, Michael explains his actions and sets about writing a statement for the police. It’s a masterpiece by Christie that has the reader believing in romance of a young couple that have the rest of their lives ahead of them. I have enjoyed reading the story again; it’s a true Agatha Christie 'whodunit'. Rating: 5 stars

  • Psychologists report that sociopathic criminals, as a rule, try to charm and deceive the clinician who has been sent to interview them. They don't admit their wrongdoing nor try to feign guilt, nor feel guilt. It is somewhat unlikely that Michael would have outlined his crimes. I think he would have played for time , and would have concocted an alibi and a cover story. It never seemed strange to me that Shakespeare's Iago went silent at the end of the play Othello. I believe that a sociopath like he would have tried to wait for a sympathetic jailor or to come along whom he could hoodwink. He wouldn't give himself away unless it was going to benefit him. But to have a mystery story, you have to have denouement and information for the reader about what has gone on before, and about what is going on.This poses a difficulty for the author. A narrator must narrate, and once they have connected with the reader as the guide to the action which has gone on before and which is happening presently they can't just leave the reader high and dry- unless a second narrator takes over the recount part way through the story. Would it have been a better story with more than one narrator?
  • shelleypg19shelleypg19 United States
    I absolutely loved this book.  Such an interesting character study. 
  • Tommy_A_JonesTommy_A_Jones Gloucestershire, United Kingdom
    I hated he Book never reading it again.
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