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  • @Ajisai, my gosh the way Raymond Chandler has with words. He is so good at the way he describes characters. I've been looking through the book "The World Of Raymond Chandler: In His Own Words" and here are a few descriptions that stood out for me: 

    • 'Her eyes held a warm bitterness like poisoned honey'
    • 'Her eyes were pools of darkness, much emptier than darkness'
    • 'hair like a brush fire at night' describes one female character . . . .and in reference to another character which I think is her sister Chandler writes this about her hair color: 'the color of a brush fire seen through a cloud of dust
    • 'She had a figure and didn't act stingy with it'
  • I've been re-reading a lot of Patricia  Wentworth again lately.As has been stated, very like Miss Marple and written in the same sort of era...
  • @Pete: Which Patricia Wentworth books have you been reading? Which one are you currently reading? Many years ago I tried to read her books and I wasn't all that into them--I was young at the time so that probably played a part. But I plan on getting into her books again. Which one would you recommend? 
  • I like The Grey Mask 1928,Miss Silver Comes To Stay, 1949,The Benevent Treasure, 1956,Poison in the Pen, 1957 amongst many others.

    I think she is a good writer of Christie type mysteries.

    More info here:
  • Some of my favorites are :The listening eye, The case of William Smith, Anna where are you and The clock strikes twelve. But you might want to read them in the order of writing - it appears in the wikipedia article mentioned in Pete's comment above. All but one of them are available online legally here: 
    as well as other mysteries by Patricia Wentworth.
  • Thank you for the link.I wonder if any of her work has ever been filmed or televised?
  • I tried to find references to movies or series for her books and failed. Probably there other any.
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