Shock Value in Television adaptions or honesty ?



  • I didn't see the Suchet version, but it seems to me totally out of character - the whole image of Linnet is of a healthy, wealthy beautiful young woman who has all the goods in this world - including her best friend's boyfriend for a husband - so why would she sniff coke? I could understand - maybe - her doing it after Jacky started to persecute her, but it still seems way out to me. 
  • @taliavishay-arbel: Since the story was set in the 30's, and since drugs were prominently used a lot throughout the period maybe they thought having Linnet sniffing coke would make some sense with the times. But in actuality all it did was conflict with Linnet's character. In the beginning of the book one of the characters said, "It seems all wrong to me---her looking like that. Money and looks--it's too much! Ifa girl's as rich as that she's no right to be a good-looker as well. And she is a good-looker... Got everything that girl has. Doesn't seem fair..." You're right Talia, she is healthy, wealthy and beautiful --what would make her sniff coke? What kind of emptiness or issues would make her do that? The Linnet Ridgeway from the book had no kind of pleasure for drugs -- her pleasure was in herself and what she had. 
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    Besides, Linnet seems pretty confident, strong and determined. She doesn't seem to use drugs even for fun! It's just not like her.
  • And that's what happens when film makers think they can improve upon the material of a story or a character. I wonder what they would say as to why they allowed Linnet to use coke? 
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