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  • garryfarleygarryfarley Baltimroe, USA

    I thank those you also commented on the Agatha Christie Mystery Collection. I would like to know if someone can sends me a list of titles in the collection at [email protected] I would appreciate it very much.

    Garry Farley

  • Having just found this site and joining, I, too, am trying to complete my collection and would appreciate someone sending me the Excel spreadsheet discussed in this forum. If you would private message me, I will provide my email address.  Thank you all. 
  • zoerazoera STRATHROY
    Hello - 
    I, too, have recently begun collecting the Bantam editions of Agatha Christie's works!  I was very lucky to get 67 of the titles together last year (for only $100!!!) and just today purchased a further 8 unique titles.  I'm pretty excited to have 75!! 
    Would someone be able to share the spreadsheet of all the titles with me?  I would really appreciate it!  email is [email protected]
  • shettichshettich Littleton
    At this late date, is it possible to get the complete list of titles (125), including the alternate titles? I have owned a large collection of Christies for many years, and I made it my mission to read through all of them after sorting through duplicates and comparing them to what was supposedly a master list. I found that I owned many more than that list contained, so started searching for a better site. I found this one and would love to get my list corrected so I can start looking for the missing ones. Thanks for any help you can give!
  • sbeauchampsbeauchamp United States
    I thought I had the entire collection of the Bantam Agatha Christie books but am now thinking I am missing some.  I don't have 125 and I do have the alternative titles for those that were published with both the US and UK titles.  Would love to have the infamous list I have been reading about.
  • Bantam's Agatha Christie Mystery Collection - Wow!  What a source of unending frustration it has been.  Aside from seeking the list of 125 titles, does anyone know how these books were marketed?  Does anyone have a photo's of the bookends or medallion that was offered with this set?
    Please help save my sanity and my 'little gray cells.'
    Thank you.

  • mickeyfan1999mickeyfan1999 Gainesville VA
    I am very new to the group here... I also have just rencentaly realized that my collection is also not complete and if anyone could please post the complete list would very much appreciate. Thank you.
  • ckittingerckittinger Manchester, USA
    I realize that I am a year late joining this post, but if there's is anyone still out there who has the complete list of 125 titles, could you send it please?
  • These are the 82 books I have in order of publication date. I'm not interested in the alternate titles that were published in the U.K. But I will have to compare mine to the list published on this thread to see what I'm missing:

    Jan-83    Murder on the Orient Express (a.k.a. Murder in the Calais Coach)  ( 1934 )  -  Novel

    Feb-83    And Then There Were None (a.k.a. Ten Little Indians)  ( 1939 )  -  Novel

    Mar-83    Murder of Roger Akroyd, The  ( 1926 )  -  Novel

    Apr-83    ABC Murders, The  ( 1936 )  -  Novel

    May-83    Death on the Nile  ( 1937 )  -  Novel


    Jun-83    Mysterious Affair at Styles, The  ( 1920 )  -  Novel

    Jul-83    Why Didn't They Ask Evans? (a.k.a. Boomerang Clue, The)  ( 1934 )  -  Novel

    Aug-83    Murder at the Vicarage, The  ( 1930 )  -  Novel

    Sep-83    Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories, The  ( 1948 )  -  Short stories

    Oct-83    Partners in Crime  ( 1929 )  -  Short stories


    Oct-83    Moving Finger, The  ( 1943 )  -  Novel

    Nov-83    Evil Under the Sun  ( 1941 )  -  Novel

    Dec-83    Towards Zero  ( 1944 )  -  Novel

    Jan-84    Hickory Dickory Death (a.k.a. Hickory Dickory Dock)  ( 1955 )  -  Novel

    Feb-84    Death Comes as the End  ( 1945 )  -  Novel


    Mar-84    Cat Among the Pigeons  ( 1959 )  -  Novel

    Apr-84    Mirror Crack'd, The (a.k.a. Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side, The)  ( 1962 )  -  Novel

    May-84    Funerals Are Fatal (a.k.a. After the Funeral)  ( 1953 )  -  Novel

    Jun-84    Elephants Can Remember  ( 1972 )  -  Novel

    Jul-84    What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw! (a.k.a. 4.50 from Paddington)  ( 1957 )  -  Novel

  • Aug-84    Labors of Hercules, The   ( 1947 )  -  Short stories

    Sep-84    Hallowe'en Party  ( 1969 )  -  Novel

    Oct-84    Nemesis  ( 1971 )  -  Novel

    Oct-84    By the Pricking of My Thumbs  ( 1968 )  -  Novel

    Nov-84    Murder at Hazelmoor (a.k.a. Sittaford Mystery, The)  ( 1931 )  -  Novel


    Nov-84    Sad Cypress  ( 1940 )  -  Novel

    Nov-84    Cards on the Table  ( 1936 )  -  Novel

    Dec-84    Curtain  ( 1975 )  -  Novel

    Mar-85    Remembered Death (a.k.a. Sparkling Cyanide)  ( 1945 )  -  Novel

    Mar-85    Murder in Mesopotamia  ( 1936 )  -  Novel


    Apr-85    Murder with Mirrors (a.k.a. They Do It with Mirrors)  ( 1952 )  -  Novel

    Apr-85    Poirot Investigates   ( 1924 )  -  Short stories

    May-85    Secret Adversary, The  ( 1922 )  -  Novel

    May-85    Caribbean Mystery, The  ( 1964 )  -  Novel

    Jun-85    Poirot Loses a Client (a.k.a. Dumb Witness)  ( 1937 )  -  Novel


    Jul-85    They Came to Baghdad  ( 1951 )  -  Novel

    Aug-85    Holiday for Murder, A (a.k.a. Hercule Poirot's Christmas or Murder for Christmas)  ( 1938 )  -  Novel

    Sep-85    Sleeping Murder  ( 1976 )  -  Novel

    Oct-85    Murder on the Links  ( 1923 )  -  Novel

    Nov-85    Murder in Retrospect (a.k.a. Five Little Pigs)  ( 1943 )  -  Novel

  • Nov-85    Come, Tell Me How You Live  ( 1946 )  -  Other fiction (not mystery)

    Dec-85    Endless Night  ( 1967 )  -  Novel

    Jan-86    Murder is Announced, A  ( 1950 )  -  Novel

    Feb-86    Big Four, The  ( 1927 )  -  Novel

    Mar-86    Mysterious Mr. Quin, The   ( 1930 )  -  Short stories


    Mar-86    Patriotic Murders, The (a.k.a. One, Two, Buckle My Shoe or Overdose of Death, An)  ( 1940 )  -  Novel

    Apr-86    Pocket Full of Rye, A  ( 1953 )  -  Novel

    May-86    Pale Horse, The  ( 1961 )  -  Novel

    Jun-86    Death in the Air (a.k.a. Death in the Clouds)  ( 1935 )  -  Novel

    Jul-86    Tuesday Club Murders, The (a.k.a.Thirteen Problems, The)   ( 1932 )  -  Short stories


    Aug-86    Hollow, The (a.k.a. Murder After Hours)  ( 1946 )  -  Novel

    Sep-86    Seven Dials Mystery, The  ( 1929 )  -  Novel

    Oct-86    So Many Steps to Death (a.k.a.Destination Unknown)  ( 1954 )  -  Novel

    Nov-86    Regatta Mystery and Other Stories, The   ( 1939 )  -  Short stories

    Dec-86    Crooked House  ( 1949 )  -  Novel


    Jan-87    Easy to Kill (a.k.a. Murder is Easy)  ( 1939 )  -  Novel

    Jan-87    Postern of Fate  ( 1973 )  -  Novel

    Feb-87    Double Sin and Other Stories   ( 1961 )  -  Short stories

    Mar-87    Body in the Library, The  ( 1942 )  -  Novel

    Apr-87    Mrs. McGinty's Dead  ( 1952 )  -  Novel

  • May-87    Third Girl  ( 1966 )  -  Novel

    Jun-87    Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective (a.k.a. Parker Pyne Investigates)   ( 1934 )  -  Short stories

    Jul-87    Appointment with Death  ( 1938 )  -  Novel

    Aug-87    At Bertram's Hotel  ( 1965 )  -  Novel

    Sep-87    Secret of Chimneys, The  ( 1925 )  -  Novel


    Oct-87    Golden Ball and Other Stories, The   ( 1971 )  -  Short stories

    Nov-87    There is a Tide... (Taken at the Flood)  ( 1948 )  -  Novel

    Nov-87    Ordeal by Innocence  ( 1958 )  -  Novel

    Dec-87    Mystery of the Blue Train, The  ( 1928 )  -  Novel

    Jan-88    Murder in Three Acts (a.k.a. Three Act Tragedy)  ( 1935 )  -  Novel



    Feb-88    Under Dog and Other Stories, The   ( 1951 )  -  Short stories

    Mar-88    Clocks, The  ( 1963 )  -  Novel

    Apr-88    N or M?  ( 1941 )  -  Novel

    Apr-88    Peril at End House  ( 1932 )  -  Novel

    May-88    Dead Man's Mirror (a.k.a. Murder in the Mews)   ( 1937 )  -  Short stories


    Jun-88    Passenger to Frankfurt  ( 1970 )  -  Novel

    Jul-88    Thirteen at Dinner (a.k.a. Lord Edgware Dies)  ( 1933 )  -  Novel

    Aug-88    Man in the Brown Suit, The  ( 1924 )  -  Novel

    Sep-88    Dead Man's Folly  ( 1956 )  -  Novel

    Sep-88    Three Blind Mice and Other Stories (a.k.a. Mousetrap and Other Stories, The)   ( 1950 )  -  Short stories

  • Nov-90    Autobiography      -  Autobiography

    Jun-92    Absent in the Spring  ( 1944 )  -  Other fiction (not mystery)


  • dmerrimandmerriman Colden Colorado
    Thank you Reader Kate.  Here's my list of titles, including duplicate titles.

    1.                4:50 from Paddington aka What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw! 

    2.                A Caribbean Mystery 

    3.                A Holiday for Murder aka Hercules Poirot's Christmas or Murder for             Christmas 

    4.                A Murder is Announced 

    5.                A Pocket Full of Rye 

    6.                Absent in the Spring 

    7.                After the Funeral aka Funerals are Fatal

    8.                Akhnaton

    9.                An Overdose of Death aka One, Two, Buckle My Shoe or The Patriotic       Murders

    10.             And Then There Were None aka Ten Little Indians

    11.             Appointment with Death 

    12.             At Bertram's Hotel  

    13.             Autobiography      

    14.             By the Pricking of My Thumbs   

    15.             Cards on the Table 

    16.             Cat Among the Pigeons 

    17.             Come, Tell Me How You Live

    18.             Crooked House 

    19.             Curtain   

    20.             Dead Man's Folly  

    21.             Dead Man's Mirror aka Murder in the Mews

    22.             Death Comes as the End 

    23.             Death in the Air aka Death in the Clouds

    24.             Death in the Clouds aka Death in the air 

    25.             Death on the Nile 

    26.             Destination Unknown aka So Many Steps to Death

    27.             Double Sin and Other Stories 

    28.             Dumb Witness aka Poirot Loses a Client 

    29.             Easy to Kill aka Murder is Easy

    30.             Elephants Can Remember 

    31.             Endless Night  

    32.             Evil Under the Sun

    33.             Five Little Pigs aka Murder in Retrospect 

    34.             Funerals Are Fatal aka After the Funeral

    35.             Hallowe'en Party  

    36.             Hercules Poirot's Christmas aka A Holiday for Murder or Murder for             Christmas

    37.             Hickory Dickory Death aka Hickory Dickory Dock

    38.             Hickory Dickory Dock aka Hickory Dickory Death

    39.             Lord Edgware Dies aka Thirteen at Dinner 

    40.             Mousetrap and Other Stories aka Three Blind Mice and Other Stories

    41.             Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective aka Parker Pyne Investigates

    42.             Mrs. McGinty's Dead  

    43.             Murder After Hours aka The Hollow

    44.             Murder at Hazelmoor aka The Sittaford Mystery

  • dmerrimandmerriman Colden Colorado

    1.                Murder for Christmas aka A Holiday for Murder or Hercules Poirot's             Christmas

    2.                Murder in Mesopotamia  ( 1936 ) 

    3.                Murder in Retrospect aka Five Little Pigs

    4.                Murder in the Calais Coach aka Murder on the Orient Express

    5.                Murder in the Mews aka Dead Man's Mirror 

    6.                Murder in Three Acts aka Three Act Tragedy

    7.                Murder is Easy aka Easy to Kill 

    8.                Murder on the Links 

    9.                Murder on the Orient Express aka Murder in the Calais Coach

    10.             Murder with Mirrors aka They Do It with Mirrors

    11.             N or M? 

    12.             Nemesis 

    13.             One, Two, Buckle My Shoe aka The Patriotic Murders or An Overdose of   Death

    14.             Ordeal by Innocence 

    15.             Parker Pyne Investigates aka Mr. Parker Pyne, Detective 

    16.             Partners in Crime

    17.             Passenger to Frankfurt 

    18.             Peril at End House 

    19.             Poems

    20.             Poirot Investigates 

    21.             Poirot Loses a Client aka Dumb Witness

    22.             Postern of Fate  

    23.             Remembered Death aka Sparkling Cyanide

    24.             Sad Cypress 

    25.             Sleeping Murder  

    26.             So Many Steps to Death aka Destination Unknown

    27.             Sparkling Cyanide aka Remembered Death 

    28.             Star Over Bethlehem

    29.             Taken at the Flood aka There is a Tide

    30.             Ten Little Indians aka And Then There Were None

    31.             The ABC Murders 

    32.             The Big Four 

    33.             The Body in the Library 

    34.             The Boomerang Clue aka Why Didn't They Evans 

    35.             The Clocks 

    36.             The Golden Ball and Other Stories

    37.             The Harlequin Tea Set

    38.             The Hollow aka Murder After Hours

    39.             The Labors of Hercules 

    40.             The Man in the Brown Suit 

    41.             The Mirror Crack'd aka The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side

    42.             The Mirror Crack'd from Side to Side aka The Mirror Crack'd 

    43.             The Moving Finger 

    44.             The Murder at the Vicarage 

  • dmerrimandmerriman Colden Colorado

    1.    The Murder of Roger Akroyd

    2.                The Mysterious Affair at Styles 

    3.                The Mysterious Mr. Quin 

    4.                The Mystery of the Blue Train 

    5.                The Pale Horse 

    6.                The Patriotic Murders aka One, Two, Buckle My Shoe or An Overdose of   Death

    7.                The Regatta Mystery and Other Stories

    8.                The Secret Adversary 

    9.                The Secret of Chimneys

    10.             The Seven Dials Mystery

    11.             The Sittaford Mystery aka Murder at Hazelmoor 

    12. The Thirteen Problems aka The Tuesday Club Murders

    13. The Tuesday Club Murders aka The Thirteen Problems

    14. The Under Dog and Other Stories

    15. The Unexpected Guest 

    16. The Witness for the Prosecution and Other Stories

    17. There is a Tide aka Taken at the Flood

    18. They Came to Baghdad

    19. They Do It with Mirrors aka Murder with Mirrors

    20. Third Girl 

    21. Thirteen at Dinner aka Lord Edgware Dies

    22. Three Act Tragedy aka Murder in Three Acts 

    23. Three Blind Mice and Other Stories aka Mousetrap and Other Stories

    24. Towards Zero 

    25. What Mrs. McGillicuddy Saw! aka 4:50 from Paddington

    26. Why Didn't They Ask Evans? aka The Boomerang Clue

  • JeffCHLJeffCHL Florida, USA
    edited March 2018
    D.Pensak said:
    Bantam's Agatha Christie Mystery Collection - Wow!  What a source of unending frustration it has been.  Aside from seeking the list of 125 titles, does anyone know how these books were marketed?  Does anyone have a photo's of the bookends or medallion that was offered with this set?
    Please help save my sanity and my 'little gray cells.'
    Thank you.

    In answer to D. Pensak's question regarding how these books were marketed, I recall getting the solications directly in the mail from Bantam Books.  This was back in the early 1980's.
  • mwassonmwasson Melbourne
    Can I get a complete list of the bantam hardcover Agatha christies mystery books
  • OscarGuyOscarGuy Springfield
    I am coming to this post very much later than everyone else, but I would appreciate a list. I had started collecting them back in the 1990s before money got tight, so I only ended up with only 14 of them. SO, I'm a long way away from every completing this, but I'd appreciate a complete list if possible. Who knows, I could get lucky one day.
  • ThomasThomas Doha, Qatar
    I would appreciate it if someone would send me the spreadsheet, also.  Thanks in advance.  [email protected]
  • lsduthlerlsduthler Donna TX USA
    For those interested in a list of characters, “The Agatha Christie Who’s Who” by Randall Toye should be of help. I purchased it new in 1982 and have enjoyed using it. 
  • Like others, I'm needing a complete listing off all the books published by Bantam.  I owned all of those books at one time, then gave them away -- now I'm trying to reclaim my assortment.    thanks much:  [email protected]
  • I have a complete listing of the books written by Agatha, with alternate titles -- obtained by compiling lists from several web sources.  It is concise, in order by the detective:  Poirot, Miss Marple, Tommy & Tuppence, and sorted as to whether it is a book or a collection of stories.
    Currently I'm reading the short story book:  The Harlequin Tea Set and Other Stories, published in 1997 and containing stories she wrote in the 1920s and later.  
  • swhittenswhitten SHEFFIELD
    I, too am looking for a list of all the hardbound, leatherette books published by Bantam books. I have 75 in my collection so far.
  • PeterPeter Surrey, Canada
    I recently started collecting the black Bantam books. Currently I have collected 24 books.  Can someone send me the complete list of 125 books in the set?

  • PeterPeter Surrey, Canada
    In my previous comment i was asking for the complete list of black Bantam books, but I forgot to include my email address. It is:

    [email protected]

  • @Peter
    I have been trying to put together a comprehensive list of the Agatha Christie novels in the Bantam Book collection. As there is some confusion as to how many books there are, my list may not be complete, but I have searched on a number of websites to ensure it is as full as possible. My list runs to 98 books and is rather long to post here, can I point you to my Blog which has the list, and hope it meets your needs.
  • bedesmenbedesmen Harrisville, RI, USA
    Search under my username and you will all see my comments about the Bantam collection.
  • bedesmen said:
    Search under my username and you will all see my comments about the Bantam collection.
    Thank you for your additional information regarding the Bantam books. I have read the article and will use it to enhance the information I already have. My search on eBay USA has found 98 books; I note that the discrepancy between the 88 books declared in the article and the 98 I have found copies of, is the fact that there are 88 stores printed under UK titles and a further 10 non-UK titles, printed under USA titles (although they are the same story with possible minor character alterations). I need to discover why some Bantam books are printed in Blue Leatherette - these appear to library copies that individuals are selling.
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