The Victim.

ianthepoetianthepoet Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

The Victim.

I waited hesitatingly as the blood dried
was it a crime that besmirched my record
or was it something trivial like writing
with my own blood and using my finger
revenge was sweet, however I sweated
it out until the law arrived fearing the worst
my tongue was dehydrated and lay near me
all was fading slowly, my vision blurring
the bluing and flashing and discover I am
the centre of attraction slipping away
to another world, where I'll be finally pain free
yet another victim of a serial killer.

My last effort my head rolls to the left and I

see another body with a knife plunged into its chest

retribution was sweet, I had killed my attacker
the case was resolved and with my last breath
I sighed with relieve as I expired to the other place.


  • ianthepoetianthepoet Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
    I write occasional poetry and have had some published, the above one is themed on crime so I posted it here to see what response it gets. ( It has not been published.)
  • edited November 2013
    I love poetry and if anyone thinks it should be about flowers and fields- they are so wrong. It's about personal expression. I liked your poem and you should keep writing more. 

    Who are your favourite poets?

    If you enjoy crime related poems try Robert Browning- Porphyria's Lover- written from the point of view of a murder. It's so chilling and the reader is drawn into something so dark . Or Edgar Allan Poe-who has dark themes throughout his work. Plus Carol Ann Duffy's Stealing is excellent character study of someone so callous.

  • ianthepoetianthepoet Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
    My list of Poets is too numerous to mention.
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