Who is the Mystery Man?



  • MariaMaria Pichincha, Ecuador
    Huilang said:
    klaurose said:
    what i got, is not a name, it is an identity, and i was confused that it could be still a secret identity. for example, the last survivor's secret name, or one of the victims', but now i remember the creators of the game told us, all 8 victims are definitely dead. so, disregard my previous comments, please. :)
    I think it DOES make sense. It would mess a "simpler" solution up, but I definitely think that you've got a point there... what if NK stands for, say... Not Killed? Crazy theory? :)
    Did they actually say that they identified the bodies of all 8 people?
    I'm going back and re-checking everything. It somehow seems to easy just to say "yeah, Reporter NK did it". WHO is that guy?
    yes, they did say in the FB page that they received the body of Henry in bags and they were able to confirm Guto's identity once they removed him from the concrete...
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